Audit documents, RFS Standard and further information.

This page contains the full suite of documents that may be needed to present as evidence at the on board audit. Forms can either be downloaded individually or as complete packs. There are separate packs for vessels with crew and those operated single handed.

This page also carries a copy of the Responsible Fishing Scheme Standard and a number of background information documents.

To find the document you need to see or download simply browse the list of downloads below and click on the forms you need to  open.

  • Complete evidence pack for crewed vessels
  • Complete evidence pack for single handed vessels
  • Form OB1         Fishing vessel safety policy statement
  • Form OB2         Annual vessel inspection record
  • Form OB3         LOLER checks and repairs record
  • Form OB4         PUWER checks and repairs record
  • Form OB5          Safe crewing levels statement
  • Form OB6a       Risk assessment form (all sector types)
  • Form OB6b       Risk assessment form (trawling, pair trawling, seining)
  • Form OB6c        Risk assessment form (potting, netting, lining, jigging)
  • Form OB6d       Risk assessment form (spare)
  • Form OB6e        Risk assessment form (beaming and dredging)
  • Form OB6f        Risk assessment control measures and review record
  • Form OB7          Accident report form
  • Form OB8          Safety equipment checklists
  • Form OB9          Personal locator beacon policy statement
  • Form OB10        Fishing equipment  and repair record
  • Form OB11        Engine maintenance records
  • Form OB12        Mechanical refrigeration service record
  • Form OB13        Electrical equipment service record
  • FormOB14         integrity and respect poster
  • Form OB15        Human rights policy statement
  • Form OB16        Work agreement
  • Form OB17        Food preparation policy statement
  • Form OB18        Drugs and alcohol policy statement
  • Form OB19        Crew induction and refresher training policy statement
  • Form OB20       Environmental, welfare and care of the catch  training
  • Form OB21        Vessel training drill record
  • Form OB22       Individual crew drill and general training record
  • Form OB23       Individual crew mandatory training record
  • Form OB24       Individual crew equipment and operating procedures record
  • Form OB25       Vessel crew list
  • Form oB26        Crew medical questionnaire
  • Form OB27       Operational changes record
  • Form OB28       Operating policy statement
  • Form OB29       Cleaning products record
  • Form OB30       Cleaning procedures record
  • Form OB31        Handling practices annual review record
  • Form OB32       High/Low catch temperature management record
  • Form OB33       Catch or crew food hygiene problem record
  • Form OB34       Continuous improvement policy
  • Form OB35       Customer complaints form
  • Form OB36       Environmental impact operational policy
  • Form OB37       Vessel refit, painting, hull cleaning and antifouling record
  • Form OB38      Gear loss record
  • Form OB39      Research engagement policy document
  • Form OB40      Endangered, threatened, protected species capture record

Responsible Fishing Scheme Standard:

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